Why I chose Journalism

Even from an early age I have always been fond of reading, may it be colorful and illustrated children’s books, or even glossy magazines and bulky cookbooks, name it, my hands more often than not were rummaging through the pages of a book.  As a child I was also infatuated with listening.  Aside from music, I love listening to stories especially if their fantasies or legendary tales about adventure, horror, or of heroes and almost anything under the sun.


Whenever I read books or listen to stories there’s this imperative instinct of mine, so to speak, to envision inside my head the words I read and the things I hear. I enjoy it each time my imagination creeps in to materialize the limitless thoughts in my mind. And these three aspects of my childhood; My affinity to read, to listen and to imagine aptly inclines me to a profession I fancy, In the field of journalism.


Since I became one our school’s campus writers back in my junior year, I immediately fell in love with journalism the very first time it was introduced to me by my school paper adviser. I was enthralled by the many facets of campus journalism and it’s various categories such as photo journalism, news, editorial, feature writing, and as expected with my passion for sports and passion for writing, my favorite category, sports writing. My interest in journalism likewise amplified with the numerous press conferences and campus journalism tilts in the district, division, regional and national levels that I was able to take part in.


It was quite easy for me to enter the world of journalism as I, like I said earlier, possess undeniable gusto in reading and listening, which entails in to my uncanny imagination, these three of which are fundamental qualities in the line of journalism. Every journalist should always read articles or works of other writers so as to enhance their craft in writing. Listening to the testimonies of the people they interview and keeping a keen ear for facts is also a necessary attribute of a journalist. And of course the freshest ideas can help a journalist catapult his work to comprehensive and effective stories. But one thing I was surprised to discover at first, was my ability to describe.


The ability to illustrate people and events is another integral part of being a journalist. It suitably demonstrates the creativity and skills of a writer. Fortunately, I was able to dissect events, from the euphoria of a live basketball game down to the simple depiction of the sun’s ray dispersing it’s glory on the rousing beings of the earth. It was as if portraying the world around me was already hardwired in my brain.


But I think the most essential if not the most important characteristic of a journalist that I learned to augment was my knack for asking questions. Curiosity has always been a part of my personality since I was young and I confess up until now I still inquire about the world around me. Being curious and asking questions I think is what separates journalism from the other professions, as journalists wring out answers from people and events that help inform and educate the different sections of the populace.


Journalists help keep the citizens in touch with the various phenomena occurring in and around the nation. They are also the catalysts of change as proven time and again throughout recorded history of mass media. Journalists are able to stir and stimulate nationalism through unbiased and truthful reporting. They are always the first in the scene of an important event, feeding information to the masses, who if not for the initiative of journalists are blind of the knowledge in the world around them.


These standpoints among many others of which are too broad and too many to discuss in one sitting are the reasons why I chose journalism as a career to pursue in college. In addition to that garnering news that the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) alongside with the University of the Philippines (UP) and the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) has recently been named Centers in Journalism by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) with PUP deemed as Center of Development in BA Journalism and  has greatly  strengthened my choice in taking up Journalism at PUP.


            I am fairly optimistic of the opportunities in being a journalist, reading the scores of blogs, articles, and testimonies from websites, I can’t help but feel thrilled by the wide range of reasons why journalism is a one of the better professions out there. Like the exposure you get from covering famous people and events or being called on national television as a reporter or creating columns for the daily paper or if you get lucky enough, maybe even a stint at the no.1 radio program in the country. Second, your prone to learn a lot from the people and places you encounter as well as gain valuable experience from those endeavors. You also get the chance to travel all around the country or maybe even the world to cover and broadcast news from those places.


And of course the capital reason why journalism holds a significant role in the society is it’s ability to inspire. Journalists can spur readers into different emotions and feelings through their work. Journalists can literally spark revolutions as well as arouse other people’s hearts with their words and letters. Journalists spread information like vaccines to help aid the malnutrition of knowledge all throughout the world. And they are once again, like I said it before, Catalysts of Change in the society, that lone reason, is my primary inspiration to become a journalist.


It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, well then if you ask me, journalists can bring down whole armies.Image




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