Rock Stars No More

I thought it woud be easy. How wrong can I be.

A year ago, when I was but a humble sports writer for our school organ, I was enthralled by how easy life would be if I chose journalism as a preferable course in college.

Let’s state the obvious here, You’re gonna work with words, not with T-squares. Your primary weapons are ideas and not theorems, and of course, no math! With none much difficulty, I chose journalism as my course at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. But how I regret now that once upon a time I called this course “easy”!

Truckloads of write ups, projects here and there, add to that, activities and other co-curricular agenda. In truth these are non-existent in my tenure as a campus journalist in highs school.

Yes there are the usual articles to be passed especially when the time for the making of the school paper looms in, but not to the extent of what degree the level of work has risen now.

Back in high school we were the rock stars of the campus. Pag journ ka, sikat ka! We would troop to contests and comeback like heroes regardless we returned triumphant or not.

All those free time that we had was something to look forward to, we could literally sleep in our journalism class at times. We were pampered, spoon fed even. We ha d the brains and knack for writing and we were respected for it. Modestly put, we were worshipped. We were the unreachable ones, the untouchables, no one was our better, and none our rival for the post as most respected students.

But now everything has changed, the playing field has been leveled. We were darlings of the crowd  no more. The script was flipped, and now we face a culture shock of epic proportions. I guess I’m now absorbing the backfire of my false preposition about journalism. But in all things there are challenges needed to be faced in order to become a better person. A transition, a metamorphosis, and the things I now face are like those transfigurations.

It’s eye of the needle stuff I need to thread in order to evolve in to a better writer and journalist for that matter. This has been an eye-opener, a realization for me as I now find that every young journalist should sift through this experience. And I can say, Jourrnalism is one hell of a tough nut to crack.


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