The Toothless Aggression


He shoots, he scores!

            — To say these words is only an ordinary depiction of how Sergio, a maintenance man by day and phenomenal basketball superstar by afternoon takes to the courts of PUP.

In one flex of a muscle and in one fluid motion a string of movement constitute to one hell of spin move from the baseline ending with an acrobatic finish near the basket. That’s just hot to plainly describe the sheer magnificence of Sergio.

Rey “Serge” Sergio has become a household name among the solar boys, pedicab drivers and students who get a chance to see and have court side seats to witness the greatness of the 55 year-old janitor inside the court.

Breaking away from the trail of defenders he easily dispatched. The lanky strong-builded man scores with a touchdown lay-in. You would think that in the heated street basketball battle, everyone was ready to spill blood on the court. But as he walked away a sly smile was painted on his wrinkling face. A smile that captivated every spectator in the court, all three teeth showed his love for the game.

At first glance you would think this lolo was all but an audience in the court. You had no way of identifying this dude except for the name he has on every jersey that he wears. Sergs, Sergio, Rey —But what he lacks in physical attributes,  he definitely show in his skills whenever he hold the ball in the court.




You see,  he is no eye-cathing ‘siga’ or anything, neither those big burly men invading every local basketball “pustahans” but he earns the respect of the people in PUP’s open court.

This is because as a employee of PUP, working under the College of Communication, he earns the respect not only of his opponents in basketball, but his co-workers in the College.

“Masipag yan, kada umaga talaga nililinis niya lahat yan.” Says Nilda Cruz, co-worker of Serge, pointing to a predominant area infront and around the façade of CoC.

Whenever he sweeps the grounds its as if he was sweeping away his defenders in basketball. Every trash thrown in the bin was a hopeful three-pointer finding its way through the net. And in times when he just sits there, usually at the time when he finishes his “menial” cleaning task, he stares blankly. I don’t know whether he’s thinking about something else, but I’m sure it’s about how he destroys his defenders later on the afternoon.

Molded by the many years in manual labor, especially now that he is on his 30th year in service  you can still see the remnants of the physique he had in his prime days. Wait, in his prime days? I think that’s an insult to his capabilities, because up until now he is still on his prime.

He has the ball now on the corner three pocket. He sizes up the distance and flings the ball  effortlessly banging the board and eventually hitting the bottom of the net. It was this kind of play which earned him my following. He floats with hangtime and glides past defenders on the break. He dribbles like he is on his teens, and makes the brand of play among his teammates easier.

He is a true legend of the game. An epitome of undying form and talent. Unwavering, unyielding. Sergs, since 1904.


 P.S. Quotation in the above article is fictional, as well as the character involved. But not Serge, he is no work of anyone’s imagination, only a freak of nature


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