Padyak Chronicles

To the Realm of the Rich Kids

Funny how things are just more exciting when unplanned.

Any unplanned rendezvous is just titillating, except unplanned pregancies of course. But what’s really thrilling to an activity more than the experience, is the spontaneity of action and decision.

And when it comes to our decision making… Mapapa-face palm ka nalang.

It was another day for biking. Another day for our routine padyak, that started out with a simple text message with a simple encryption: Tara.

Minsan naiisip ko, parang bastos eh no? Para ka lang nag-aaya sa gf mo na mag-ano. Pero ang hirap naman kase mag effort na mag-nobela sa text. Kaya ganun nalang. “Tara”.

And with that text, a confirmation, a pabebe’s whining and a pair of greasy hands later, we were off, with a certain swagger but with no certain sense of direction. Kumbaga, puro aya, wala namang mapuntahan.

But with that, we always had a contingency plan. A fail safe for any occassion, a safe haven in the form of ma’m Ely Lindo.

So after debating where our itinerary was, kay maam Lindo parin pala ang bagsak namin.

With mader Ely, you could never go wrong. Dadating kang gutom sa bahay nila, aalis kang busog, at may pabaon pa minsan.

And after our sumptious and very nakakabusog yet klandestine meeting with maam Lindo, we were stuck yet again with our same dilemma earlier on.
Saan tayo pupunta na ngayon?

And in those head scratching and tummy stroking moments, we consult lolo Jose Rizal with our conundrums. And he answers either by heads or tails.

So again, our complex differences were settled by the most primitive ways. Via a coin toss.

We had two choices (obviously): down to the bay at MOA, or in the bustling metropolis in BGC.

And however hard we tried to oppose each other’s suggestion, Lolo Jose had the answer…
And it was to the realm of the richkidz in Taguig.

And as we strolled down the construction zones and near empty streets. Lo and behold, a whole new world is on the rise.

But as the lights shone brighter, people started popping up, and groups of kabataan with their skates and bikes crowded the block,  a crude reality hit me.
Eh hindi naman pala mga rich kids tong mga to eh.

By all means non-discriminatory, I was surpised by the number of jejemons in the area. I had not known such a high-end place could cater such alien life form.

Maybe the dust and debris from the rising buildings had attracted these thriving colonies of Galawangus breezynensis to the area.
But I don’t know, I’m still not sure.

What I hoped were english-spoking mestizos and tisays were proxied by their lesser counterparts.

But enough of the vivid yet harsh description. We sped through that endemic faster than the duration of your previous love life.

So, after a quick stroll around, saw countless koreans, nag-social climb malapit sa Istudio, Nike, at KrispyKreme, nag-picture for Instagram, at nagpa-asa ng mga babae, we were off again.

And did I mention I saw Megan Young? With a camper’s bag. Uuwi na ata samen, di na ako galet eh.

At matapos magpaka-peymhor sa lugar na yun, lumarga na kame, pilit na iniwasan nung palabas na kame yung mga breezy boys.

One of our companions confessed  that trip was his farthest bike ride. And it’s just more fun to think about it knowing that we weren’t supposed to go there anyway.



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