Imno el Patria

So I’ve been reading this book about Rizal lately. Not just reading for the sake of reading and knowing a little about the topic so as when that devil of a professor calls you for a recitation, you can still wring out some diluted answer.

But yes, I’m reading and for the first time since grade school, I’m finally enjoying what I’m required to read.

As I turn page after page of Zaide’s anecdote-laden biography slash footnote-riddled journal of our national hero, I can’t help but feel a deepened form of admiration for that little big dude.

I mean, I’m at awe with his literary and linguistic genius, love for country and of course, inept smooth moves when it comes to the La Bonitas.

I’m just so enthralled with his profound talents and his many endeavors- and come to think of it,  I ain’t even read halfway.

As I read about his childhood years up until he learned to grow that mucho macho suavé stache, I felt belittled- discovering more and more about Pepe makes me realize how less and less I really know.

The magnitude of his triumphs are staggering. His views on issues are dealt with svelte, his philosophy; beyond his times. Which leaves me to ponder: What if Rizal would have lived in this generation?

Of course, he would still have flings with the chikas there and then, but would he have the same scholastic triumphs he had? Mind you the norm for the rich in his times were to be educated and after that study some more. Education was there social media and facebook likes were their medals.

If he would have lived through the jejemon age, would he also be dubsmashing his way to internet superstardom?

Who would be his presidential betin next year’s elections? And would having an undergraduate degree from the central university in Madrid or Barcelona be a ticket for him to a slapping match and a gun duel?

Would he be sharing his thoughts on the government in Facebook or tweeting his reforms in Twitter?

Would he be bandwagoning to each and every trend there is on the web?

Rizal was fit to be born in his times, for if he were raised a millenial, then Aguinaldo would be the one engraved on the peso coin.

PS. I’m not raving over the guy, I ain’t a Bonifacio to be hanging picture of him on my wall. I’m not for #NationalHeroBromance, but that would be another story.


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