So, another year has passed. I could say I’ve learned a whole lot from 2016. Not only from the experiences I’ve had, but also from the new faces I encountered.

Okay, enough of the cheesyness. All I want to say is that in the past year, I wrote a myriad of stories. I can boast a whole collection of articles I’ve drawn up from the previous year, but something bothers me a bit. With all of the stories I made, all of them came from another person, most of them told by someone else.

 I feel it’s high time I wrote for myself, I mean real, steamy, no holds barred not-for-the-feint-of-heart monologues. 

So for the next few blog posts, I just want to tell my story. Blemished, rough, and bold. I want to share to a vaccuum of readers my words however minute and petty it may seem. 

Well, I could say the next few posts are a chronicle of my day-to-day endeavors, but truth be told, I just want a log of where I placed the remote. This memory of mine is failing me. 

So for the rest of the upcoming year, I’ll try my best to record every sting of flatulence, jot down all sexy thoughts and the littlest of details regarding my infatuation with all things weird. 

That is, if I remember to even open this app.

Cheers, and goodluck in your journey this 2017! 


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