The Quest for the Dolly

For the second day of the year, I managed to sleep early for a change. Like 2 in the morning early. 

So I had nothing to do but sleep through another day of the holiday break. But a nudge on the behind from my erpats while still half dreaming a quarter to noon made me realize I had something to do: buy my ermats a gift for her natal day tomorrow. 

It ought to have been a surprise for her, but knowing my poor acting job for surprices she hinted what she wanted just as we were about to go, not knowing that I was the one about to be surprised later in the day. 

We went to the Riverbanks Tiangge in Marikina. The traffic was non-existent, a rare commodity I guess will only survive a few more hours before the out-of-town revelers rush back in. 

Finding those dolly shoes weren’t hard, but the haggling was top-tier impossible. 

Although we were able to buy the shoes, we didn’t know that it would fit. We came to an agreement with the store clerk that if the cinderella’s shoes don’t match, we get back at him. Nope, just kidding, we shared a laugh as the nozzle pressed against his chin. 

So, we went to SM City Marikina after, just a river and a broken down barge away. It was God’s will we came a little early, as there were no signs of the jejemons still. I fear for the lives of the normal people later in the day. 

Things we boughy from the Tiangge and SM: *Dolly shoes size 6, purple. *Diesel sling bag, black. *sports sunglasses, balck.*Two Elite socks, one normal 3-bundle socks. *A couple of Go Bananas Lotto scratch cards* Buy one take one pan pizza from Pizza hut.

So as we finally found a jeep bound for Cubao that wasn’t as crowded and as loud as the ones preceding it, we headed back home. But as the jeepney taxied at SM, I saw a pretty familiar face amid the blinking lights of that patok. 

There she was again, the white whale. I was surprised to see that girl again. A face which was so real before now only lives in my memory of make believe. 

Then and there I got a mild headache  so I just wanted to go home quickly. Primarily because of the headache, but also I didn’t want to prolong tha agony of all the woulda coulda shouldas. 

Then again, I’ve got to get those dolly shoes home. 

Blog Entry #3 for 2017                                       Subject: January 2, 2017 

Time Stamp: 1/3/2016 2:05 AM 

B-log: 2017-0003-OTM


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