We bid adieu to 2016

So we’re back at it again. 

For a select many, it even came as a surprise they survived through 2016. You couldn’t blame them though, the past year was totally bonkers. No amount of scientific explanation could attest how the world is still afloat after all that has happened. 

Well to be fair, the past year wasn’t all bad. C’mon, you have to give it to 2016, it probably gave you some semblance of a love life (however strong your imagination may be). It probably gave you more of what you asked for as well. You gotta thank 2016 for the added ticks on the scale, heck, even for what little money you have bridging this year. 

2016 could have been a bit*h for some, but for the most part, it did its job. It might have given you something you didn’t ask for (Hopefully not unwanted pregnancies though). For me though, I could say it was a step forward from all sectors compared to 2015. I guess my classmates could also back me up on this. The past year opened doors to us in the profession and granted us opportunities to grow and develop as writers and members of the media. It paved the way for us to finally know which direction to go to. 

So give 2016 the credit it deserves, however tumultuous last year may have been. 

So for the first day of 2017, after all of the festivities and traditional merry-making that comes seemingly rehearsed every single year, I gained about a kilogram, not so much for a good start to the year I guess. I didn’t do much, just browsed social media, gobbled up what was left of the media noche, and just contemplated on life itself. 

Nothing much I should say. 
Blog Entry #2 for 2017                                       Subject: January 1, 2017 

Time Stamp: 1/3/2016 1:15 AM 

B-log: 2017-0002-OTM


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