Back to Reality… Again

So tomorrow’s another day at school. A resumption of the melancholic cycle. 

I’m officially not amused. There’s not a spat of excitement anymore, like when Elementary school kid me couldn’t even sleep the day before after the holiday break. 

Now I slept all day, lulled to dramscape by this playlist:

 Mix – Andy Williams-Speak Softly Love(Lyrics):

I awoke, wishing I could finish that weird, weird dream. You know that feeling when you lie half asleep, and all your senses perk up, I feel the earth and its movement, that sort of thing. 

I guess, that’s too much of Andy Williams for today.

B-log: 2017-0005-OTM

Blog Entry #7 for 2017                                       Subject: January 5, 2017 

Time Stamp: 1/5/2016 10:16 PM


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