The same old, same old

First day of classes this year in our fourth year as journalism students and there still isn’t any trace of a single f*ck given to that truth. 

As far as we know, @queendom has a score to settle with us, quite frankly, on the plains of de_dust.

Finally we get to savor the result of that draining shoot we had to do fpr Platinum Karaoke, nonetheless it was our abided duties as future starlets and professional tinsletown icons, but come the day we get to have some sort of gratis for our services, we sure wouldn’t let that pass up.

So KS (the prized comp shop of Anonas, NDC compund), was still on its soft opening since last year as the second floor, and additional CPUs were still lacking, but our passion for counter strike definitely went opposite.

I may have wondered what could have been if that botched kwek-kwek salu-salo had gine through after the game, but after the issues divulged today with the class, I’ll just leave it to the investigators.

 Rush B, Rush B!

B-log: 2017-0006-OTM

Blog Entry #8 for 2017                                       Subject: January 6, 2017 

Time Stamp: 1/6/2016 9:26 PM


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