‘Ayoko Ma-Kuryente’

This is the probably one of the first instances of my young career as a correspondent that I fear to be “Kuryented”- or to jump on a story without or of different truth.

So I published a story about Adamson baby Falcons MVP front-runner Encho Serrano. I also submitted the story to my editor at the Manila Standard.

As far as I know, the story came from a credible source, which is ABS-CBN Sports. But keeping in mind the couple of times even the big wigs made a mistake dawned on me suddenly. I was having second thoughts on why I even made the story.

Something in me is saying that I should have waited confirmation. Another voice was saying that the story will probably be picked-up eventually by other sports news outlets.

Some could chastise me for being too enticed with the prospect of a scoop, but knowing the landscape of Philippine sports culture, these kinds of stories don’t escape to the public without any semblance of truth in it.

So, for the meantime, I wait.

I wait whether our story is one of the firsts to reach audiences. Or was it one of those stories that break the ethics of journalism. For now, we wait.





B-log: 2017-0012-OTM

Blog entry #18 for 2017                                                                                                                       Subject: January 12, 2017

Time Stamp: 1/12/2017 8:45 PM


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