Huge Blow to Baby Falcons Campaign

The soaring run of the baby falcons in this year’s UAAP Jrs. basketball tourney suddenly came crashing down.

According to a story published by ABS-CBN Sports, the 7-0 first round sweep of Adamson in the competition might be overturned as a pending decision by the league board has jeopardized the team’s undefeated streak.

According to sources, there were eligibility issues found regarding freshman and MVP-front runner Encho Serrano who was supposedly ineligible to play due to alleged “falsification of documents.”

The league is set to hand down a verdict within the week but if the pending decision of the board stays, the  Adamson Baby Falcons are then forced to forgo their seven wins this season.

This will upend their 7-0 card and in turn result to seven losses entering the second round. Likewise, the Falcons will try and carry on the tournament sans star player Serrano who averaged 19.3 ppg as well as 8.1 rpg and looked to bring Adamson to the title this 79th season.

As of this writing, there were still no response from Adamson officials and head coach Goldwin Monteverde regarding the recent developments.

B-log: 2017-0003-A

Blog entry #17 for 2017                                                                                                                       Subject: Baby Falcons face falsification of documents issue

Time Stamp: 1/12/2017 8:32PM


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