Trust the process

Today I had to give up the moto Z I learned to love.

I had so many things done today although not of the productive nature. I had to undergo such a arduous process just to retrieve the USB cord I had left at the sir Mike Medina’s place  last wekeend. 

I waited there for almost an hour before I got the cord back. Although after that I didn’t of it getting any more fantastic than that. 

I went on to the Ynares sports arena to cover the first game of the 2017 PBA D-League. I went there with the promise a day earlier to comeback to the Standard office by 5:30. But after a long day without even getting a piece of KFC they gave to the more ‘well established’ members of the press, I only started pedaling close to 6pm.

What I didn’t realize was that I had already missed 12 calls while biking back to Ayala. 

My editor, I later found out, was going frantic at this point.

The messenger tasked to retrieve the phone was waiting at the office for about two hours already, and my editor was thinking a wholesome bad about me. 

When I opened my messenger while going up the elevator at the office, I received more than a dozen PMs stating that I shouldn’t “break trusts”. The drama, mayghad. 

Long story short, I guess at a time when I was profusely sweating while trying to get to the office as fast as possible, there was an editor who was already thinking and speaking ill of me. 

I guess he thought I’d run away with a 34k-peso phone. But then again, with a phone that dear to me, I think I would have. 

B-log: 2017-0019-OTM

Blog entry #26 for 2017                                                                                                                       Subject: January 19, 2017

Time Stamp: 1/20/2017 2:06 AM


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