Here, there and everywhere

I wouldn’t to bore you with all the things I’ve got to say regarding things I did today.

Woah, that rhymed. One point.

So all I can say is, I can’t imagine I went through this 5-event-3-press con-day. It was tiring, though there were many food, but still, it was pretty freaking arduous. 

Here are the pics I took from the day, I don’t want to blab away. Too tiring. 

The first two photos are the pics I took from my newly bought external speed light.  I unfortunately deleted the sample shots I took with the flash in a meetup with the seller at MoA. The new PSA forum venue was in Golden Ohoemix Hotel. 

I managed to tag along the more senior sportswriters in another event as there were no food during the forum. I almost forgot as well my cellphone as we were about to go, but when I did return to the Standard van after rushing towards the hotel again, I had to endure a dizzying trip at the back of the service. So much for a first time in the shuttle. 

The DAR Press Office. My second and first physical home for the second sem. I came late here as I needed to stay at the LE Tour de Filipinas press con because the sisig was just too good to pass up. 

After biking a ‘short’ distance from QMC to N. ave, I headed to BGC for Huawei’s media launch of its products. I got stuck im unforgiving gridlock, but of course, still managed to come in time for dinner. 

I had to bike im unchartered territories today, managed to somehow manage my time, get things heated up with guards (again), got stuck in traffic, waited for an hour at the jeepney terminal and almost got down at the wrong MRT station. 

No regrets though, that sisig was amazing. 
B-log: 2017-0024-OTM

Blog entry #31 for 2017                                                                                                                       Subject: January 24, 2017

Time Stamp: 1/24/2017 2:06 AM


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