Face for Radio

‚ÄčI’ve all around places today, first of which was our monthly skolar’s meeting at Ayala.

Then I went to the Standard office to finish up on some backlog articles. 

Afterwhich I went with Aljhon to Pasig for the PSG session with Wild bird photographer Anthony Balbin. My travel time going to Mike’s house was longer than the time we stayed, but then again, we still had to catch a radio program im Guadalupe. 

Here are some of pics I took during my first DZXL-Radyo Mo Nationwide Save The Nation radio program with Prof. Butch Valdez. 

Butch Valdez, Ver, Ka Lemi, Cathy Cruz at the booth of dzxl 558
OJT’s of the show. PUP represent!
Ace is stronk. Palaban!
A little salu-salo of the OJTs after the radio program.


B-log: 2017-0036-OTM

Blog entry #47 for 2017                                                                                                                               Subject: February 5, 2017

Time Stamp: 2/6/2017 10:50 PM


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