Ready for Ball

Thinking about how hectic the following week would be, I decided to just this day pass on through. 

But hey, the Intrams is well on its way in the next few days so I have to be prepared. I mean, my shoes got battered in last night’s late night bball 3-on-3. 

After rummaging through the stalls in and around the araneta center, we decided that our luck finding an original pair of kicks in thrift stores was nonexistent so we headed on to the china-made shoe capital of QC: Farmers Plaza. 

These sneakers were hard to find. Well, it was hard to find something that fits both my satisfaction and my foot. So we wasted about an hour and a half jist looking for these shoes. 

I hope these shoes finally give us the chance to cop our first COC Intams trophy. 


B-log: 2017-0043-OTM

Blog entry #54 for 2017                                                                                                                               Subject: February 12, 2017

Time Stamp: 2/13/2017 9:06 AM


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