Dressed to Keel 

‘Tis a Saturday, another day for a fun day of Source. 

I took my bike to school today, perhaps because I didn’t how to commute efficiently towards the venue of the event later in the day. 

I should’ve took waterproofing seriously though. 

It rained, hard. And even if we ‘wasted’ a good two hours in the plains of the _dust, there were still drizzling made by the afternoon skies. 

It was still a long way to go regarding the event, I decided to bike through the light rain because I didn’t want to be late for Oppo’s event at the City of Dreams in Pasay. 

I should’ve stayed ’til the sun came out, however. 

I was dripping, both from sweat, mud and the rain. It was an added bonus that I punctured a wheel so I had to find a vulcanizing shop in the middle of the trip to Pasay.

After successfully patching up the rear tire, I looked at the clock. I was still on track to come early. 

But even if I stepped inside the hotel at the exact time of the invite, I was told the program wouldn’t start in an hour and a half. 

So much for the haste. Here are some of the pics:

B-log: 2017-0049-OTM          

Blog entry #60 for 2017                                                                                                                   Subject: February 18, 2017

Time Stamp: 2/19/2017 12:10 AM


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