Of Chocolates, Chao Fans and Press Cons

Even before the day started, we were already notified that our professor for the 9am class wouldn’t be able to come. 

Yay for us. 

So, I was already thinking about how to waste my time in the early morning, knowing all too well what will go down when classes are cancelled. 

I got to school at about half past lunch, I decided to finish up on some blogs I wasn’t able to post the couple of days, so I was a little bit behind on my intended plan to come a little bit early to CoC. 

Nevertheless, there isn’t much going on in campus anyway, so I decided to take my time commuting. 

I listened to Coldplay and the Chainsmoker’s new song called Something Just Like This on repeat inside the tram to PUP. I can say it’s catchy, as of all same-sounding Chainsmoker beat, but of course, Mr. Martin’s voice, and Coldplay’s flavor topped on top the track that’ll make you appreciate it more with every single push on the replay button. 

When I got to the campus, I gave some of the excess chocolates to my classmates which were intended as a post valentine gift for Ma’am Lindo later on the day. 

I didn’t get the chance to even taste a single one, but hey, if they say it’s good then I’ll take their word for it. 

We played a little bit of Source. Of course. But Aljhon and I left after just an hour of playing because we had an appointment to go to. 

When we arrived at Ma’am Lindo’s house, we were greeted with that same motherly care as if we were balikbayans. 

Even if, she had one herself with the return of her brother from Australia. Taking the time to entertain us even if she’s busy with her guest. 

I showed her the thesis she was going to grammar check for us, and without hesitation, offered us to talk it over some classic Chao Fan. 

After a hearty meal, Aljhon and I decided to pay for the meal. Maiba naman. It was just a meager notion for the generosity given to us everytime we go there. 

As customary to every visit to her abode in Marikina, Ma’am Lindo and us resumed the lengthy talks inside her house. 

It ranged from field trips, De Lima, internship updates, as well a trip down memory lane. 

She shared again the struggles of being a PSA adviser, and the little gratification she gets from the noble job nobody wants to risk taking on. 

In between offers of chocolates and anti-umay against the meal we just gobble down, she goes on with her account. 

The interesting tales of press cons, may it be deeply recovered from memory or of recent triumphs,  doesn’t seem to lose it’s shine. It’s still insipiring how much this SPA has endured to create a lasting legacy in Quirino High School. 

Better yet, a lasting legacy to all of the students that came under her wing, may it be inside or outside of a classroom. 


B-log: 2017-0054-OTM          

Blog entry #65 for 2017                                                                                                                   Subject: February 24, 2017

Time Stamp: 2/24/2017 11:59 PM


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