Electric Lahuv

It’s a slow day today. Well, I should say at a mere snail’s pace. 

One, it’s the nationwide transport strike, and that in itself sucked the remaining enthusiasm to go anywhere (yep, even though I bike). That’s by how much the impact of that strike is. 

So I stayed home, promising myslef to finish on the revisions as well the remaining tasks I have to submit for our impact study. 

To help me relax while bing stressed out with all the paperwork, I decided to listen to some Lana Del Rey. 

As the Spotify playlist went on, I stumbled upon a gem of a song. One that I’ve encountered a year ago, but seemed lost in memory. 

The song? Electric Love by BØRNS. One of the kewl songs in the movie Nerve’s ST. 

Screenshot from YouTube of the song’s MV. Such captivating, much color, so sugoi.
BØRNS, the artist. (adrinkwith.com)

This song pretty much helped me survive the all-nighter with its awesome vocals and catchy melodies. 

Putting some work in after much frustration of making a html table.


B-log: 2017-0057-OTM          

Blog entry #68 for 2017                                                                                                                   Subject: February 27, 2017

Time Stamp: 2/29/2017 12:03 AM


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