Thor’s surprise

Summarizes the day’s pretty unlucky turnout.

It’s a thursday, Thor’s day. 

A day traditionally left for coverages and other internship-related actvities. But among these reasons, I was in for more surprises. 

So I had a coverage in the morning in Ayala. It was just a few blocks away from the Standard office where an interview with our assistant sports editor was slated after lunch time for our Special Topics in Journalism subject.

After the event which, of course and as expected, saw me crying over another unlucky raffle draw, I headed on to the office to meet with my groupmates as well as send the article. 

I had to wait an ample amount of time before they arrived and a bit more waiting incurred as Reuel Vidal was still on his way to Makati. 

I received a text message prompting us to go to the nearest KFC branch sir Vidal wants the interview to be held there. After some speculations on whether we would be allowed to film inside the commercial space, we obliged. 

After the almost half an hour interview, I turned off the camera to finish the recording. It hang for some unknown amd unfortunate reason and I was left with the decision to pull out the battery. 

Little did I know then that that would prove cataclysmic. The video was unplayable. The footage was gone. 

After what seemed hours on end trying to restore the file, I failed. From the information I got off of the internet, as well as from advise from FB friends, the SD card was corrupted. My only hope now is to bring it to an expert. 

All the software and downloads for the clip to be recovered went for naught. But as day progressed, I would find out that the computer I used was the admin’s. I forgot to reset the password I put in and that resulted to some choice words from the HR head. 

After some little bit of explaining, he understood my situation wherein I certainly didn’t have any choice but to use the computer to salvage our project. 

I just had some hard feelings towards some people who instead of making the incident lighter, went on to say something I didn’t appreciate. But then again, I don’t delve on those negatives. 

I just hope that our group will still be able to finish the project in time and with quality. 


B-log: 2017-0060-OTM          

Blog entry #71 for 2017                                                                                                                   Subject: March 2, 2017

Time Stamp: 3/5/2017 1:53 AM


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