Wrappling our fingers on to it 

Once again, late for that elusive 9am class, but as I’ve learned from all the time I was late for class, it’s okay that you arrive sometime after the schedule, just as long as you’re there. 

So I learned that there were a couple of my classmate who were facing the prospect of beimg dropped from our Special Topics in Journalism class because of their absences. 

I sure hope that my lates don’t merit enough accumulation for me suffer the dame fate. 

We were also required to attend a seminar later on the day by our chairperson. We still had to interview a resource person for our video documentary from Rappler. In our way to the Rappler office in Capitol Commons, we got word that our excuse letter was not honored by our chairperson. 

So  I guess we’ll have to brave the traffic for one more whole trip. 

Mico much obliged. 

Upon arriving at the CoC AVR, we were still not allowed to go inside. When we were able to, our group was the only representative from 4-1D to come to the second lecture. 

After our not-so-mind blowing seminar, we decided to jave some fries party as well talk about the storyflow of our dokyu. 

We were also offered to buy some coffee jelly being sold by entrep students I think. It was some dessert, that one. Full of flavor, no sarcasm there. 


B-log: 2017-0068-OTM          

Blog entry #79 for 2017                                                                                                                   Subject: March 10, 2017

Time Stamp: 3/12/2017 1:30 AM


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