Fatographer and Bibographer

I guess the cancellation of my Subic trip was worth it. All worth it. 

We had an examination slated, but was postponed in such short notice, I realized only now how ironic it was as the next activities in this Saturday of mine is nothing short of short  notice. 

Wrll, for one, I got a message from a high school friend indicating that she needed a extra videographer, I obliged. I needed the income anyway. 

I set out very early in the morning though when we arrived at the venue of the shoot, we had to wait until 10:30am for us to start. It was all good, though we finished the shoot for their ad campaign im two different locations late in the afternoon. 

My day was just starting. 

I had another call up just a couple of days back. But this time it was a photog job. Again, I really needed the pay anyway. 

It was a debut  my furst time covering a debut as a freelance photographer. Here are some of the shots. 

More of the pics here: 


It was a good day. Pretty awesome day. 

B-log: 2017-0069-OTM          

Blog entry #80 for 2017                                                                                                                   Subject: March 11, 2017

Time Stamp: 3/12/2017 1:35 AM


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