The road to adulting

More than a month ago, or at least that’s how it felt, I was given a form by my scholarship to fill out. 

Indicated on that piece of long bond paper was some of the general pointers to answer. 

Height, weight, educational attainment, address, weight, the such. 

On the right hand side of the paper were slots for your Social Security numbers, Insurance Id, and any what clearnace there is.

I was told I had to fill out the whole document, leaving nothing unanswered and pass it on the next monthly meeting. That included those numbers, of which I have yet to apply for. 

So I was given a month to apply, I obliged. 
Although I realized how easy it was applying for all of these agencies, it still depends on how you manage your time, resourves, and general knowledge of how things work. 

I finished applying for three offices today, I think I’ll easily cope when I take up the remaining government stalls. 


B-log: 2017-0086-OTM          

Blog entry #97 for 2017                                                                                                                   Subject: March 28, 2017

Time Stamp: 3/31/2017 1:25 AM


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