Do Dogs Dream?


From the perscpective of man’s best friend

Barf, Barf!

Barf here, barf there, then eat that barf afterwards. Sniffing trash bins and what not. It’s a hard knock life to be a dog. Run, sleep, eat, run some more. Then sleep some more.

It’s so hard being a canine. Imagine given all the time in the world to do whatever you want. It’s so hard to decide what to do with all those hours. Just thinking about it makes me fall asleep and that about solves my problem of decision making. Thinking is just to tiring, more tiring than playing catch and running around. But now I don’t have the luxury to do both things now, I just want to slump in my corner and catch some Zzzs. I’m old now. And I miss the good old days.

I just want to be with my master now. He comes home late nowadays. Far from the days I would watch him from the creases in the gate climbing off the school bus all stained uniform and all hugging me like we hadn’t seen each other in weeks. But now he rarely comes home early. And when he does I think I’m overshadowed by the new puppies they bought a few days back. Sometimes he even forgets to look at me and greet me at the door. I know I shouldn’t be jealous, but the new ones seem to have his whole interest now. I can’t blame him. Why would he cuddle a ragged old mutt like me waning to old age and hair falling all over the place.

I still remember though the first time he carried me and kissed me, and I kissed him back licked his ears and wagged my tail at amusement of his childish laugh. We would play all day and he would love how high I went for that tennis ball we used to play with. He never minded the mud and soil in between his ears and neither did I as we rolled over in the garden. We had tons of fun but now it is all but a reminiscence slowly fading away from memory.

Now I am old and my knees now ache. I can no longer give the happiness we both shared when he was a kid. The sharpness of my vision has dwindles through the years. Even my sense of smell time did not forget to slowly steal away. I think I have no use now, but an old dog who barks at the gate to let the owners know there’s someone outside. At night I dream of the good old days, where every color was more vivid and livelier than now. I dream that I run with him, side by side. Like partners in crime we dashed. A dream more satisfying than the reality I have today.


The Toothless Aggression


He shoots, he scores!

            — To say these words is only an ordinary depiction of how Sergio, a maintenance man by day and phenomenal basketball superstar by afternoon takes to the courts of PUP.

In one flex of a muscle and in one fluid motion a string of movement constitute to one hell of spin move from the baseline ending with an acrobatic finish near the basket. That’s just hot to plainly describe the sheer magnificence of Sergio.

Rey “Serge” Sergio has become a household name among the solar boys, pedicab drivers and students who get a chance to see and have court side seats to witness the greatness of the 55 year-old janitor inside the court.

Breaking away from the trail of defenders he easily dispatched. The lanky strong-builded man scores with a touchdown lay-in. You would think that in the heated street basketball battle, everyone was ready to spill blood on the court. But as he walked away a sly smile was painted on his wrinkling face. A smile that captivated every spectator in the court, all three teeth showed his love for the game.

At first glance you would think this lolo was all but an audience in the court. You had no way of identifying this dude except for the name he has on every jersey that he wears. Sergs, Sergio, Rey —But what he lacks in physical attributes,  he definitely show in his skills whenever he hold the ball in the court.




You see,  he is no eye-cathing ‘siga’ or anything, neither those big burly men invading every local basketball “pustahans” but he earns the respect of the people in PUP’s open court.

This is because as a employee of PUP, working under the College of Communication, he earns the respect not only of his opponents in basketball, but his co-workers in the College.

“Masipag yan, kada umaga talaga nililinis niya lahat yan.” Says Nilda Cruz, co-worker of Serge, pointing to a predominant area infront and around the façade of CoC.

Whenever he sweeps the grounds its as if he was sweeping away his defenders in basketball. Every trash thrown in the bin was a hopeful three-pointer finding its way through the net. And in times when he just sits there, usually at the time when he finishes his “menial” cleaning task, he stares blankly. I don’t know whether he’s thinking about something else, but I’m sure it’s about how he destroys his defenders later on the afternoon.

Molded by the many years in manual labor, especially now that he is on his 30th year in service  you can still see the remnants of the physique he had in his prime days. Wait, in his prime days? I think that’s an insult to his capabilities, because up until now he is still on his prime.

He has the ball now on the corner three pocket. He sizes up the distance and flings the ball  effortlessly banging the board and eventually hitting the bottom of the net. It was this kind of play which earned him my following. He floats with hangtime and glides past defenders on the break. He dribbles like he is on his teens, and makes the brand of play among his teammates easier.

He is a true legend of the game. An epitome of undying form and talent. Unwavering, unyielding. Sergs, since 1904.


 P.S. Quotation in the above article is fictional, as well as the character involved. But not Serge, he is no work of anyone’s imagination, only a freak of nature

Rock Stars No More

I thought it woud be easy. How wrong can I be.

A year ago, when I was but a humble sports writer for our school organ, I was enthralled by how easy life would be if I chose journalism as a preferable course in college.

Let’s state the obvious here, You’re gonna work with words, not with T-squares. Your primary weapons are ideas and not theorems, and of course, no math! With none much difficulty, I chose journalism as my course at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. But how I regret now that once upon a time I called this course “easy”!

Truckloads of write ups, projects here and there, add to that, activities and other co-curricular agenda. In truth these are non-existent in my tenure as a campus journalist in highs school.

Yes there are the usual articles to be passed especially when the time for the making of the school paper looms in, but not to the extent of what degree the level of work has risen now.

Back in high school we were the rock stars of the campus. Pag journ ka, sikat ka! We would troop to contests and comeback like heroes regardless we returned triumphant or not.

All those free time that we had was something to look forward to, we could literally sleep in our journalism class at times. We were pampered, spoon fed even. We ha d the brains and knack for writing and we were respected for it. Modestly put, we were worshipped. We were the unreachable ones, the untouchables, no one was our better, and none our rival for the post as most respected students.

But now everything has changed, the playing field has been leveled. We were darlings of the crowd  no more. The script was flipped, and now we face a culture shock of epic proportions. I guess I’m now absorbing the backfire of my false preposition about journalism. But in all things there are challenges needed to be faced in order to become a better person. A transition, a metamorphosis, and the things I now face are like those transfigurations.

It’s eye of the needle stuff I need to thread in order to evolve in to a better writer and journalist for that matter. This has been an eye-opener, a realization for me as I now find that every young journalist should sift through this experience. And I can say, Jourrnalism is one hell of a tough nut to crack.


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Why I chose Journalism

Even from an early age I have always been fond of reading, may it be colorful and illustrated children’s books, or even glossy magazines and bulky cookbooks, name it, my hands more often than not were rummaging through the pages of a book.  As a child I was also infatuated with listening.  Aside from music, I love listening to stories especially if their fantasies or legendary tales about adventure, horror, or of heroes and almost anything under the sun.


Whenever I read books or listen to stories there’s this imperative instinct of mine, so to speak, to envision inside my head the words I read and the things I hear. I enjoy it each time my imagination creeps in to materialize the limitless thoughts in my mind. And these three aspects of my childhood; My affinity to read, to listen and to imagine aptly inclines me to a profession I fancy, In the field of journalism.


Since I became one our school’s campus writers back in my junior year, I immediately fell in love with journalism the very first time it was introduced to me by my school paper adviser. I was enthralled by the many facets of campus journalism and it’s various categories such as photo journalism, news, editorial, feature writing, and as expected with my passion for sports and passion for writing, my favorite category, sports writing. My interest in journalism likewise amplified with the numerous press conferences and campus journalism tilts in the district, division, regional and national levels that I was able to take part in.


It was quite easy for me to enter the world of journalism as I, like I said earlier, possess undeniable gusto in reading and listening, which entails in to my uncanny imagination, these three of which are fundamental qualities in the line of journalism. Every journalist should always read articles or works of other writers so as to enhance their craft in writing. Listening to the testimonies of the people they interview and keeping a keen ear for facts is also a necessary attribute of a journalist. And of course the freshest ideas can help a journalist catapult his work to comprehensive and effective stories. But one thing I was surprised to discover at first, was my ability to describe.


The ability to illustrate people and events is another integral part of being a journalist. It suitably demonstrates the creativity and skills of a writer. Fortunately, I was able to dissect events, from the euphoria of a live basketball game down to the simple depiction of the sun’s ray dispersing it’s glory on the rousing beings of the earth. It was as if portraying the world around me was already hardwired in my brain.


But I think the most essential if not the most important characteristic of a journalist that I learned to augment was my knack for asking questions. Curiosity has always been a part of my personality since I was young and I confess up until now I still inquire about the world around me. Being curious and asking questions I think is what separates journalism from the other professions, as journalists wring out answers from people and events that help inform and educate the different sections of the populace.


Journalists help keep the citizens in touch with the various phenomena occurring in and around the nation. They are also the catalysts of change as proven time and again throughout recorded history of mass media. Journalists are able to stir and stimulate nationalism through unbiased and truthful reporting. They are always the first in the scene of an important event, feeding information to the masses, who if not for the initiative of journalists are blind of the knowledge in the world around them.


These standpoints among many others of which are too broad and too many to discuss in one sitting are the reasons why I chose journalism as a career to pursue in college. In addition to that garnering news that the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) alongside with the University of the Philippines (UP) and the University of Sto. Tomas (UST) has recently been named Centers in Journalism by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) with PUP deemed as Center of Development in BA Journalism and  has greatly  strengthened my choice in taking up Journalism at PUP.


            I am fairly optimistic of the opportunities in being a journalist, reading the scores of blogs, articles, and testimonies from websites, I can’t help but feel thrilled by the wide range of reasons why journalism is a one of the better professions out there. Like the exposure you get from covering famous people and events or being called on national television as a reporter or creating columns for the daily paper or if you get lucky enough, maybe even a stint at the no.1 radio program in the country. Second, your prone to learn a lot from the people and places you encounter as well as gain valuable experience from those endeavors. You also get the chance to travel all around the country or maybe even the world to cover and broadcast news from those places.


And of course the capital reason why journalism holds a significant role in the society is it’s ability to inspire. Journalists can spur readers into different emotions and feelings through their work. Journalists can literally spark revolutions as well as arouse other people’s hearts with their words and letters. Journalists spread information like vaccines to help aid the malnutrition of knowledge all throughout the world. And they are once again, like I said it before, Catalysts of Change in the society, that lone reason, is my primary inspiration to become a journalist.


It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, well then if you ask me, journalists can bring down whole armies.Image